Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Great Bake-off(s)!

I love a bake-off, a pizza-off, a burger-off.


Well, it's a great excuse to get friends together before summer whips past.  But it is also a wonderful way to try new recipes en-masse.

I also like when we collect together for a bake-off most of all the prep and dishes are long clean, our proud creations being presented ready for consumption, and so the evening usually finishes without an enormous clean up being required.  Perfect!

This week we competed head to head over pies.

One thing you must understand about our "bake-offs" is that we have very few rules, and are generally very loosey-goosey about any parameters.  This can make for a more varied menu, which is nice if one is not too sure about an evening consuming only, say, sweet pies.  But some people have made the case that mixing sweet and savoury in competition against one and other is not a very fair way of going about things.

Personally, I think that it's not hard to judge a wide variety of pies.  I think about what I immediately hope there will be leftovers of or what I'd like the recipe for, savoury or sweet does not matter to me.    The winner is determined by a gentleman's ballot, with the bakers not being allowed to vote for their own pie.

What we have found, these past few weeks, is that there is a shark among us!   A cook/baker that falls about claiming she cannot cook or bake, that the competition is too great.  All week long we hear about how we should have low expectations, that the getting together is more important than the product, that we must "excuse" her terrible creations.  "Shark" has won the first two competitions!  (We will no longer be taken in, Shark!  Next week you will go down!)

Are you crazed wondering what Shark's winning pie was?  It's a marvel.

This weeks winner of the Great Bake-off was a Service Berry Pie baked in a shortbread cookie lattice shell.  It was great.  The shortbread pastry was sweet and so so so flaky.  And the service berries, picked, we are told, in the pouring rain with an infant on one hip and a wild dog running around Shark's feet, tasted as though they had been soaked in Amaretto, though they were only lightly sugared.  Incredible!  Congratulations, Shark!

Other competitors, one worth special mention, Ottolenghi's Herb Pie was a majority favourite, and a Chocolate Cream Pie.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

New Menu Item! Banoffee Pie. Yum.

While the dog days of  summer are encouraging lazy days on the beach, we at CSC are still plucking along, cooking, baking and candle stick making.  (Not really making candles)

All of this industry will lead to new items on the menu.  Today I bring to you, and the menu, Banoffee Pie!  Hurray!  Yum!  Double yum!

Do you know Banoffee Pie?  If you have not tried this pie before, prepare yourself for falling in love.


Some times the base of Banoffee is graham, sometimes it is pastry.  This I can take or leave, because the filling is the most wonderful delight.

Atop whatever is lining the tin is a layer of ripe banana covered with thick, sweet, luxurious caramel.  Wow!  And then…sweet cream.  Ahhhh…..

Welcome lovely Banoffee.  Welcome to the table!

Twenty years ago I was on a trip to NYC, at just about the time Haagen Das opened up sundae shops.  They had a sundae made with dulche de leche ice cream, sliced bananas and hot carmel.  It was one of the best things I had even eaten.  A few years later, in England, I was introduced to Banoffee Pie, and was reminded just how great bananas and caramel are together.

Why it took so long to bring it to the CSC table, I can't tell you….but I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

The weather couldn't be better.  After a long and cold winter, summer is most welcome, and this extended long weekend has been filled with summer weather at its best.

But with  heat warnings in New Brunswick and fire bans across the Maritimes this can be tricky weather to cook in, especially as heating a house at the end of the day is insanely unappealing.  What to do?  I find I crave the flavours of the places that embrace the heat of summer year round.

Beautiful, platters of salty, spicy cured meats and fresh melon with fresh cheese, maybe a few olives, can't be beat as the start to a wonderful meal, and so simple to set out for any number of guests.  Last week I served an amuse bouche that contained all the elements of a nice antipasti platter with proscutto wrapped melon, feta cheese, an olive and ginger mint.

Tomorrow I am planning a start the the meal that includes spicy Chorizo, Prosciutto & melon, spicy salami and fresh mozzarella as the start to our meal.  With luck there will be enough fresh basil in the garden to make a rustic bocconcini salad too.  Yum.  And no heat required.

What are your go to, no cook meals in the summer?

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Catching Up

Well….i think I may be catching up!  Wow!

Today I worked in the garden, and I planted some rapini.  Rapini?  Yup.

We have decided to plant more things that are not available in the local shop, and rapini is one of these.

Are you familiar with rapini?  It also goes by the name broccoli rabe.

It is a member of the mustard family, and is well known in Italian cooking.  With a slightly bitter taste rapini is wonderful paired with sweet sundried tomatoes and pine nuts atop pasta. 


Or add some Italian  sausage to this recipe….Yum!

Look for rapini in the larger centres around Nova Scotia starting now.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

All That's Left! (6 Days Until October)

This is it...all that is left of open dates until October!


Monday, July 21
Thursday, July 24
Friday, August 1
Saturday, August 16
Monday, August 25


Saturday, August 30.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Next Open Date - Wednesday, July 16

The next open date is Wednesday, July 16.

Confused about the difference between regular and Greek yogurt?

Wonderful Spanish tortilla, great for a picnic.

Is your rhubarb ready for cutting yet?  Mine is not quite ready, but when it is I will enjoy poached rhubarb with the aforementioned Greek yogurt.

A beautiful illustration of the clean 15, in French.

It looks as though the weekend will be rainy.  This is wonderful news for our gardens, not as nice for gardening.  Having held off planting this year I will be glad to plant in soil that is not dust dry.  June 12 is the full moon, after which, I am told, is the best time to plant and be sure of not having frost damage. 

Enjoy the weekend!  H

Friday, 30 May 2014

Open Dates and Radio Silence

Why the radio silence?  Why, the busy days of spring!  Time for tilling and planting and getting ready to grow grow grow.

This week I moved my raised herb bed to the head of the veggie patch, and started a new bed of strawberries.

If anyone would like some fresh oregano to transplant to their own gardens please message me.  I have a big plant that I won't move until after the weekend, and it's way to much for me. (Can you see it in the corner of the pile of dirt?)

Usually I am at the garden centre the second the long weekend of May passes by, but this year I have been patient.  I have, shockingly, remembered that planting my veggies early did not result in bigger stronger plants, but rather that those planted later zoomed along catching up, and often overtaking, the early bloomers.

When do you plant?

With such a glorious weekend forecast I hope many more things are readied in the garden for an early week trip to buy all manner of plants and flowers.

As for upcoming open dates….they are few and far between!

In June there is a new open date, Wednesday, June 11.  Also open in June is Thursday the 19th and Friday the 27th.


Only three dates are open in July, 16, 21 & 24.

And that brings us into August!  Can you believe it?  There are six dates in August.

This weekend the Frog Pond Cafe opens.  Hurrah!  The season has begun.

The Relay For Life may get it's first nice day in years.

This Roasted Eggplant Salad would be lovely with something on the grill, and the co-op has eggplant right now.

Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie?  Yes Please.

And a crazy, creepy cake!  Enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend, come get some oregano and enjoy the sunshine!  Cheers.  H